The Coalition was a print and online publication dedicated to written and visual work by women and gendervariant people of colour. Its mission was to make the world of publishing accesible to young writers of colour. It was Edited by Fabiola Ching, Alana Mohammed, and Gisele Defares. Site design and branding was by Adriana Lafarga. Not all of the work published and created by The Coalition was stored. However, we are trying to archive whatever we can find. Below are some past issues. Print versions are available for sale below. Please email if you wrote/contributed to The Coalition’s online publication and would like to add to this archive. Thank you to the many people who edited, curated, and wrote for this publication. It was a labour of joy and love.     

Featured on Rookie, Nylon, Artsy, BBC, Milk, and Bustle.

Issue 7

Issue 6(Buy print here)
Issue 5(Buy print here)
Issue 4
Issue 2
Issue 1